Year - 7

Head of year 7: Miss Oakman

Welcome to our Year 7 webpage,

Our year seven-year group is an, exciting year group who have a strong sense of belonging and strive for success throughout the school year.

Students within our year 7 cohort pride themselves on being kind, dedicated to hard work and understand that success is earnt.

We are very privileged to have a team of tutor’s who are also dedicated to ensuring our students receive the highest level of pastoral care. As a team we promote approachability and high expectations, our students know who to turn to when needing support during their time at Cardinal Newman. We believe we have embodied a pastoral programme that develops our students into well rounded individuals. We celebrate individuality and reward hard work. This is achieved by focussing on ensuring our students are equipped with financial skills and knowledge of the most current and important topics impacting their lives daily. We ensure that students know how to express their opinions in a manner other will listen.

Within year 7 the Catholic ethos is at the forefront of how we behave and as a year group we promote reflection on the way we treat others, ensuring we treat those as we would like to be treated.  Our pastoral programme covers a wide range of topics tailored to our students needs. This is forever evolving to meet the needs of our students.

To ensure we achieve our year groups moto of “striving to succeed 195 days of the school year “, we need to ensure we continue to promote high standards. As a cohort we complete homework, we attend school 195 days, our uniform is impeccable and we ASPIRE to be the our very best version of ourselves.

As the head of year 7 I am committed to ensuring that all students are supported on their Cardinal Newman journey and they leave us as confident resilient adults ready for the wider world.